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Made in Denver Colorado

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Age: 25

Sky Davis

A native born in Boulder Colorado, Sky Davis always had the intention of starting a company. After moving into Denver, he worked in the restaurant industry for a few years until seeing the benefits catios have for cats. Being a cat owner himself, Sky Davis knew the company to build since he saw the importance of cats and their health: Cat Topia. 

Cat Topia

Beginning in 2018, Cat Topia works to end cat homelessness by providing pet health through catios. Catios are home additions, enclosures built to protect and improve a cats longevity.  Cat Topia supports animal adoption and gives back by donating a percent of their revenue to animal shelters through every catio build.  

Age: 25

Lance Harding

A native born and raised in Denver Colorado, Lance Harding began his business ventures at a young age. Beginning with photography winning National Geographic awards then to creating a used furniture company called The Good Couch, Lance Harding saw the importance of catios for cats. His vision quickly became a reality by starting the company, Cat Topia.