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How to Convince your Parents to get a Cat: Simple, Include a Catio | Blog 1 | Cat Hair

Over a series of 11 blog posts, I will be directing my attention to the kids who can’t seem to convince their parents to get a cat. Each blog post will go into an in-depth look about the downsides parents may see when owning a cat. However, I believe the only thing to convince your parents to get a cat is a simple solution:  Don’t just ask for the cat, include a catio. After reading these articles I’m confident your parents will be convinced a cat is actually the perfect pet for your family.

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By Lance Harding

The Downsides

Let’s get the downside over with and list out the downsides of owning a cat. In an article, What Is The Worst Thing About Owning A Cat, studied 5,800 cat owners and asked them the downsides of cat ownership:

Cat Hair
Inappropriate urination or spraying
Scratching Furniture
Having to Scoop Litter Box
Cost of Medical Care
Litter Box Odors
Waking You Up
Finding Location for Litter Box
Loud Meowing
Want to go Outside
Cost of Cat Food
Allergies to Cats

Let’s assume the reason your parents don’t want a cat because of the downsides listed above. Now let’s breakdown how a catio can reduce all these issues and thus create an environment in which they can be comfortable living with a cat.  

Controlling Cat Hair with a Catio

If a cat resides fully indoors without outdoor access, it’s a known fact that cat hair will build up in your home. In fact, if indoor cats can’t access the outdoors it will trigger their fur to shed regularly. Yet indoor cats will excrete less hair every time they shed compared to an outdoor cat that sheds only twice a year. Though, you are more likely to clean up cat fur on a regular basis for an indoor cat. This is because keeping a cat only indoors will disrupt their natural shedding process, called the “photoperiod.” This is the process in which light and temperature triggers a cat to shed its fur. However, due to the artificial light within your home and regulated temperatures produced by air conditioning units, a cat’s fur is likely to shed at a constant rate. For the cat owner, this means daily vacuum runs through-out the house.


The Solution

So how can catios help with constant cat hair in your house? A catio can access a cat’s seasonal coat cycle. Outdoor cats shed their fur twice a year, in the spring to lose their winter coat and in the fall to grow in a heavier coat for the winter. Indoor cats have a fur coat that doesn’t stop shedding. During the winter months, when a cat has access to the outdoors, in this case access to a catio, you’re likely not to see any shedding. This is because cooler temperatures keep a cat’s coat for thermal protection and their shedding process is paused until warmer conditions arrive. With a catio, you will keep your cat safe from the outdoors which will decrease in further cat issues and by including an outdoor cat enclosure, you’re likely to clean up less cat hair on a daily basis. In turn, catios will prepare you to deal with a cats natural shedding process, during the spring and fall.



Hopefully, you grabbed your parents attention, led them to this blog post, because you are 1 out of 11 steps closer to getting a cat! In the next article, Cat Urination and Spraying Done Right, I will describe the details about how catios limit the issues of cat urination and cat spraying!


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