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Cats have a natural desire to scratch, and it so happens to be that furniture is a common item for a good cat scratch. Cats scratch for a number of reasons, but let’s explain how a catio can improve cat scratching over other methods.

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By Lance Harding

While you or your parents may buy things like indoor cat scratchers, cat toys and cat trees in order to limit a cats bad scratching habit, there are downfalls to these items. In a story from C & D Pet Products, a home can fill up “with rejected, unattractive, impractical, and poorly made scratchers.” In order for a reduction in cat scratching, multiple cat trees and/or cat scratchers will have to sit throughout the house. This can leave a cluttered cat mess in a household.  However, an outdoor cat enclosure can reduce cat scratching more effectively, saving the cat toy scatter.

Cats love to hang near windows to view the outdoors. A common area that has windows are in places with upholstery furniture. Cats tend to scratch in places they occupy the most and since windows are a prime location for cat traffic, it’s likely any upholstered furniture close by will be scratched.  However, having an outdoor cat condo can improve this situation; by bringing the outdoors to the cat and using a catio to hold all your cats scratching needs.

It’s easy to imagine a cat looking out a window for hours on end. Now imagine moving those hours into a catio, away from any upholstered furniture. A catio is the new window for a cat and you can guarantee that an outdoor cat enclosure will be their new prime hangout. By placing the cat scratchers, the cat toys, and the cat trees into a catio, the risk of inappropriate cat scratching will be reduced in a household.  

At Cat Topia, our customers explain the importance of catios compared to the indoors. Not only that, but we understand certain remedies that will satisfy a cat to scratch in their outdoor enclosure than on indoor furniture. One is bringing planter boxes to the catio and incorporating cat friendly herbs like cat nip. To see our products, visit our catio service page

Catio World states: “herbs tend to be easy to grow and require minimal effort to be successful… For example, catnip can relieve and stress, and for many cats, it makes them very happy.” So, when you are trying to convince your parents to get a cat, incorporate a catio into the conversation. It will reassure their worries about cat scratching. Remember, outdoor cat enclosures give things like cat trees, the fresh air of the outdoors, a cat’s personal space, and the option to plant cat herbs like catnip. A catio will not only save your parents furniture from a cat that is only occupied indoors, but also will bring your parents one step closer to choosing a cat. 

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