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The Benefits of Catios


Litter Box Outside

Having a litter box in a Cat-Topia is the best solution to taking the smell of the litter box out of your home! The mess and odor that litter boxes bring inside now stay in an outdoor environment

Personal Space

As much as you may want to smother your cat with love and snuggles, they need to have a place of their own to escape to. Especially when multiple cats live in a single home, providing a secluded area that is just for them relieves stress, and promotes happiness. 

Fresh Air

Just like humans, cats will feel cooped up and anxious when they are not allowed to be outside ever. When cats are allowed to go in and out of the house freely they will be more relaxed and loving.


Though cats have been pets for nearly 10,000 years, they still hold onto their wild instincts. They need are runners, jumpers, climbers and have the urge to hunt. Having a safe space just for themselves where they can do their instinctual behaviors such as scratching and jumping will not only reduce the wear and tear on your furniture but also bring your cats a healthier life overall. 

Risk Preventions

Ground Disease Prevention

93% of people who let their cats free roam have lost at least one cat during their life due to risks of the outdoors. 

The leading cause of death in cats is Feline Leukemia which is picked up outside from cats getting scratched or bitten by infected strays.

Wild Animals

Coyotes, Owls, Hawks, Wild Dogs, Rattlesnakes... These are just a select few of wild animals that kill and injure outdoor cats daily. 


Approximately 5.2 million cats are hit by cars in the US every year.

Indoor Cats Get Bored

Have you ever wondered why your cat sits by the door and meows relentlessly? or why they are running around the house knocking things over and causing mayhem? This is caused by lack of stimulation and boredom. Cat-Topia is the perfect sanctuary to entertain your car and appease their boredom. 


Outdoor Cats Harm Wild Bird Populations

The curved claws of cats makes it so they can get up trees, but not always back down when they climb too high. Putting the cat as well as the owner at risk if they have to climb up to rescue them.

Cats are very successful predators. However, outdoor domestic cats are the number 1 killer to bird species, killing approximately 2.7 billion birds per year. Catios aren't just crucial to a cats health but to ecosystems health as well because if all cats had catios, the bird population could thrive as well. 

Getting a Catio will help save ecosystems, pet loss, improve cat health,  increase cat longevity, and they are not cages but a home addition for a loving family member, cats.