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Go Catio Pre-Fabricated

Cat Topia has a wide range of pre-designed catios. Find yours and we will deliver it! Denver residents include free install with purchase.

In-Depth Look

Cat Topia provides a variety of pre-designed outdoor cat enclosures that are likely to fit your home! Browse through our catio-log and select what catio works for you! It’s simple: order your catio with a simple click to buy method and we will do the rest!  

Site Visit

Schedule a meet and greet before deciding what catio best fits your home.

Catio Add-Ons

Decide if you want to go further with our pre-fabricated catios by adding additional options such as painting, cat tunnels, cat window inserts etc.

Build and Install

With every purchase, we include our building and install service. Once you buy the catio that best fits you, we will contact you to schedule a date to build your catio!

"I've had a cheap, kennel setup of a catio for a couple years now and I decided to get an upgrade once I saw the photos on Cat-Topia's site. The catio was built yesterday, and wow, super solid build with plenty of options to sit and scratch for my house panthers. The most exciting part: my shier cat, who wouldn't use the cat door to go into the old setup by himself for years, went out this morning all by himself in the new catio and is sitting on the highest ledge. He clearly need that extra height to feel safe. If you want a solid, safe place for your kitties, Cat-Topia are great guys who aim to please both their human and furry customers alike."

Catio Custom

Go Catio Custom

Cat Topia will design and build a catio that fits your needs.
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In-Depth Look

Cat Topia gives the customer the option for custom catios. Our custom outdoor cat enclosure services includes a step by step process that includes meeting with the client, custom catio floor plans, and install. The custom catio option lets your imagination run free: build the catio for you and your cats dreams!  

Site Visit

If a custom catio best suites your interests, we require a free site visit to work with you on designing catio that fits your needs.

Floor Plans

Get an architectural catio design that illustrates your outdoor cat enclosure.

Build and Install

Let our builders handle construction with our building and install process!

"For anyone who loves cats and also likes their cats to enjoy the outdoors, there is no better way to go than to have Lance and Sky of Cat-topia build a wonderful cat enclosure for you. Our family loves ours. The best part about being a cat Mom is I never have to worry about my kitties being outside again. Thank you so much Lance and Sky."
"It's clear that Lance and Sky care about cats, and about doing quality work. We are very happy with the catio and tunnel system they built on site for us."