The Colorado
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Made in Denver Colorado

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  • The Colorado

    The Colorado Catio is perfect for 10-20 cats. We first came up with this design for Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, in Denver Colorado. We loved it so much that we think any cat should have the opportunity to be in this as catio, so it's available Nationwide! We put the taste of Colorado into the wood itself with a custom side panel showcasing mountains. We add mulitple perches for your kitties, an open roof and sides to see all surroundings. We kept a little space open so you can put a table and chair to lounge inside, or enough room for a few personal cat trees to decorate. The overhanging roof allows you to hang plants or lights off of. We couldn't help but to add a few garden boxes under the mountain range so that you can plant cat nip, and other cat friendly plants and flowers! 


    Order today. The Colorado ships nationwide and our team will ship and build the catio exactly in your desired location!


    Catio Dimensions: 


    Length: 12' 8" 


    Width: 12' 8"


    Hieght: 6' 2 1/2"