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  • The Farmhouse

    The Farmhouse Catio is built for space. It offers enough room to host 4-8 cats at a time and involves cat balconies at multiple points of the catio. If you need enough space to house your cats this would be a great fit! Our catios are designed for cat health and safely. They are built to sit against standard house windows, doors, or house walls. We offer free shipping and free installation. Click, buy, and your catio will be shipped and installed at your home in the space you desire. 


    TIP: To make sure this catio fits your place of interest at your house, measure your space (Length, Width, and Height) using a measuring tape.


    Catio Dimensions Height: 8' 3" Width: 14' 7 3/16" Depth: 2' 11 13/16"