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Made in Denver Colorado

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  • The Lake House

    The Lake House is purrfect for 5-6 cats.  The Lake House has downsloped roofing topped with top grade asphalt shingles to preserve the longevity of the catio. 

    We decided to incorporate an all American red barn door, and instead of attatching it normal hinges, the old fashioned door sits on slidding wheels. 

    This catio rests perfectly against your home, and as for the inside? It has 3 cat levels: a ground floor, mid ramp that leads to the third level. The 3rd floor stands high so that your cats can look far and wide. This quaint catio is roomy and cat comfortably fit 3-4 cats. 



    This catio will transform your backyard. Keep your cat(s) young and adventurous with The Lake House Catio.



    Our catios are designed for cat health and saftey. They are built to sit against standard windows, doors, or walls of your house. Click to buy and your catio will be shipped and installed at your home in the space you desire. 


    TIP:  To make sure this catio fits your place of interest at your house, measure your space (Length, Width, and Height) using a measuring tape. 



    Catio Dimensions: 


    Height: 10' 3"


    Width: 8' 2"


    Depth: 8' 3"



    Catio Rough SqFt: 60