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  • The San Luis Vertical Garden

    The San Luis Vertical Garden can hold up to 3 cats comfortably. It's roughly a 40 square foot catio with 3 cat levels. The top floor is a 360 degree floor so that your cat can easily view the outside world in all directions. Great for bringing in sunlight! It has a fully covered roof, a full sized door for human access and is elevated off the ground to preserve its longevity. This San Luis edition comes with ready to use garden beds! Now you can spruce up your catio, ad your taste and make it come to life with a vertical garden!


    TIP:  To make sure this catio fits your place of interest at your house, measure your space (Length, Width, and Height) using a measuring tape. 


    Catio Dimensions


    Height: 8' 7 1/2"


    Depth: 7' 1/16"


    Width: 5' 11 3/4"