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  • The Wilmington Garden

    This catio size is recommended for 1-2 cats.


    Our Vertical Garden series brings the home into your catio. Not only does your cat get to enjoy the outdoors safely but this catio brings your space to life with a garden of plants and vines. Its the best of both worlds: Watch your cat enjoy the sun in their catio; plant your tomatoes on the side to watch them grow up our vine fencing; seperate your basil and mint with our vertical garden beds; decorate it further with our vertical shevling and plant your lavander in our pots. 


    Our catios are designed for cat health and saftey. They are built to sit against standard windows, doors, or walls of your house. We offer free shipping overall and free installation within CO. Click to buy and your catio will be shipped and installed at your home in the space you desire. 


    TIP:  To make sure this catio fits your place of interest at your house, measure your space (Length, Width, and Height) using a measuring tape. 



    Vertial Garden

    Overhanging Roof

    Two Front (French) Catio Doors 

    Hangers pre-installed under roof, ready to hang plants.

    Wire Mesh

    4 Pots (installed on the left side of the catio)


    Catio Dimensions


    Width: 4' 6 5/16" 


    Height: 8' 1/2"


    Depth: 3' 6 1/16"