The Boulder
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Made in Denver Colorado

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  • The Boulder

    Up to 11 cats capacity! 


    Bring the play from inside the house and into the The Boulder.  This catio gives your cat(s) the enviormment to burn off their wild side with enough room for excerise, play, and lounging.  The Boulder invites sunlight into the enclosure while also giving your cats the option to stay under cover. We offer a cat ramp and multiple cat levels so that your cat or the cats you have can have enough room for comfort. 


    Our catios are designed for cat health and saftey. They are built to sit against standard windows, doors, walls of your house, or lay free standing. We offer nation wide shipping and install and free Colorado shipping and install!  Click to buy and your catio will be shipped to your home so your cats can have the healthy way of benefiting the outdoors.



    Catio Dimensions: 


    Hieght: 8'

    Depth: 7'

    Length: 14'