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Made in Denver Colorado

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  • The Cat Topia

    Perfect for 8-15 cats. With the Cat Topia Catio, you can extend your ordinary outdoor living space into a cozy backyard attraction that is not only perfectly fashionable, but is a place that you and your cats can enjoy together. We decided to put the pergola into this catio because we know how important it is for our cat owners to be around their cats! Not to mention, if dogs get a large safe gated backyard to play around in, why can't cats have the same? The Cat Topia Catio is the backyard for your cat and will give all the things your cat loves and needs: space; the outdoors; safety; and owner attention. 



    Our catios are designed for cat health and saftey. They are built to sit against standard windows, doors, or walls of your house. Click to buy and your catio will be shipped and installed at your home in the space you desire.



    Catio Dimensions



    Height: 9'


    Depth: 7.5'


    Length: 32'