Mountain Window Catio

$1,200.00 $1,000.00

Assembly Time: 30 minutes!

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Able to hang on windows with 5′ width and below!


  • Double Doors with locks
  • Painted
  • Grey Closed Roof
  • Wire Steel Fencing
  • Stained Wood Floor
  • Instruction and Assembly Guides
  • Pre-Assembled Ready to Hang


Full Width: 6′ 2″

Catio Height: 2′

Depth: 3′




The Mountain Window Catio is luxurious, trendy, and its made for a cat! The Mountain Catio gracefully decorates your home with a handcrafted mountain range. The catio properly sits against the window of your house and the soft blue paint generously compliments the outdoors.

Note: This catio is a window catio and attaches to an exterior house window. In addition, the cat enclosure is designed to float above ground, therefore it has the option to be placed on any window of a house. This catio can also be attached by 4×4 posts if you do not want to directly attach it to the house.

Important: The catio attaches to a 5′ window frame or lower! Make sure your home has the proper window dimensions in order for the mountain catio to fit.

The catio is weather resistant. Also, the mountain catio prevents animals from entering like birds or prey. This catio cat hold up to 3 cats.



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