Wildcat Point Catio



16 feet wide x 11.5 feet long x 8 feet hight


  • Barn Doors
  • Double Entrance
  • Lattice
  • Steel Wire Fencing
  • Cat Balconies
  • Pergola Style Roofing
  • Pressure Treated Weather Graded Lumber

Available only in Colorado. The Wild Point Catio is built for durability, aesthetics, safety, and everything a cat can love. Give your cats their dream outdoor experience and enhance their life with everything the Wild Point Catio has to offer. This includes over 150 square feet of enclosed space, cat balconies on every side of the catio for a optimal viewing experience, and enough room to bring cat owners close to their kitties. Bring your outdoor furniture inside the catio and sit with your cats and enjoy the outdoors! Order one today!

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Custom Paint Job (Choose your own paint), No Paint


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