About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business!


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Our story

Cat Topia got its start in Denver, Colorado in 2018. Sky Davis and Lance Harding built a cat enclosure for a friends indoor cats and immediately saw the benefits of catios. “We knew that cat parents everywhere needed a catio for their kitties”. The ability to let cats be outside without the risk of being attacked by predators or having to put up a missing cat sign, is a huge relief for cat owners. Because Lance and Sky both love cats they knew they could help cats everywhere through catios!

Cat Topia believes in the importance of giving back and donated over $4,000 to animal shelters from 2019-2020. By creating a partnership with the Dumb Friends League Cat Topia continues to grow and support local shelters within Colorado by donating a portion of their revenue. Cat Topia now builds catios nation wide, and will upholds its pledge to donate to animal shelters across the United States. 

Our Mission

We believe that cats are family, it is our mission to protect those members of your family. We build custom outdoor cat enclosures as home additions to give your cats a safe space to enjoy the outdoors. Catios play a significant role in a cats life, improve cat health, and reduce cat homelessness, as such, it is out duty to educate the public about cat care through catios.