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"...This is like an oasis for them, they love it. If you have a cat and want them to experience the outdoors, this is the only way to go. You need a catio..."
Sue Trowbridge
"...So raccoons don't get him, skunks don't get him. It's what people need that have cats. It's perfect, it's what we needed..."
Salli Squires

Catios at Cat Topia

  • Outdoor Cat Enclosures Made to Keep Your Cats Safe!
  • Designed to Give Your Backyard Luxury!
  • Leave Your Cats Purring With a Cat Topia!
It’s natural for cats to enjoy the outdoors and it’s equally important that cats are safe while doing so! Cat Topia gives cats outdoor cat enclosures that are built and designed for cat health. We believe cat patios are a necessity for cats since they connect a cats safety to the outdoors. 
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Select from our pre-designed catios or let us design a custom cat enclosure to fit your needs. We work with you and your cats to find the best options for you! 

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Work with well-trained builders! We  carry well-experienced contractor that will build you and your cats a dream enclosure. 

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Built to Last

Invest in a catio that is durable, strong and able to last for years to come! We build with strong materials that enable a durability, in any type of weather or condition!

What is a catio?

A custom outdoor cat enclosure known as a catio are built for outdoor comfort for your cat.  It’s important for your cat to be exposed to the outdoors, but in a safe environment. Cat Topia create a space where your cat can be safe outside without the risks of the outdoors. Whether you are on vacation, fast asleep or at work Cat Topia has the solutions to protect your cat. 


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Cat Topia is based out of Denver, Colorado and works to end cat homelessness by providing pet health through cat enclosures. Catios are home additions, enclosures built to protect and improve a cats longevity.  Cat Topia supports animal adoption and gives back by donating a percent of their revenue to animal shelters through every build.

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