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Building the Purrfect Catio for Your Cat

Building Catio Enclosures Nationwide

Our outdoor cat house service expands nation wide so let us work together to build a custom outdoor cat enclosure for your cat(s). 

Giving back

Our goal is to eliminate cat homelessness and give all cats a healthy outdoor experience. We provide monetary donations to humane societies across the country through every catio we build.

Our Cat Runs and Enclosures are Guaranteed to Last

Cat Topia ensures a long lasting outdoor cat house for you and your cats

Outdoor Cat Enclosures at
Cat Topia

Although it’s natural for cats to enjoy the outdoors, it’s equally important that cats are safe while doing so! Cat Topia gives cats outdoor cat enclosures that are built and designed for outdoor cat health. Therefore, we believe a cat patio is a necessity for cats since they connect a cats safety to the outdoors.

Building Catios across 50 states

Don’t go another year without a cat patio. Cat Topia’s outdoor cat enclosure service expands across the country. Simply give us your vision and we will do the rest. As a result, our outdoor cat enclosure team will not only create your dream catio, but we provide professional cat enclosure builders. The process is effortless and exciting. So sit back, relax, and get a catio with Cat Topia.  For more, check out our State Directory page.

Cat Patios Designed for Cat Lovers

Before After before photo of catiocustom catio

Upholding Cat Safety

Weather Graded Lumber

These outdoor cat enclosures are built with the best weatherized materials. So, choose between pressure treated lumber, cedar or redwood. In fact, take it a step further with paint and stains.

Strong Cat Fencing

Select the purrfect cat fence.  All fencing is cat proof, weather-graded, and strong enough to prevent animals from entering or cats escaping. 

Cat Door For Window

Regulate a cats outdoor enclosure use with a custom cat door that sits against a window. 

Giving Catios Luxury

Garden Boxes and Cat Tunnels

Get custom built garden boxes and include Lemongrass, Chamomile, or even Valerian!

Connect multiple cat enclosures or extend further off a window with custom cat tunnels.  

Let Us Stain or Paint Your Outdoor Cat Run!

Go further and find the perfect color or stain. Match the color of your home or bring out the woods appearance!  

Open or Closed Roof Options

ClosedRoof : Keep the cats dry all year round. Dive deeper and choose between metal or shingle style roofing 

Open Roof: Let the cats bask in the sunlight all day. Give them the most sights to see. 

Customer Access

Easily access the cat playpen with built in doors for customers.

window catio outdoor cat enclosure
Photo of free standing outdoor cat house

Excellent Service

Our team is enthusiastic and committed for a great customer experience. 

Free Site Visit and Quotes

Get scheduled for a free site visit. Our team meets the customer one on one to gather all the information they need in order to create the best cat house. 

So, for customers in Colorado, one of Cat Topia’s team members will visit the property to gain information about the location for the outdoor cat enclosure. For customers out of Colorado, one of our team members will provide a phone call or zoom meeting to gain proper information. 

Top Outdoor Cat House Equipment

Cat Topia ensures that the best cat house equipment will be used to get the job done. No matter what state you are located in, our catio builders bring their own set of tools. We believe it’s important to built every outdoor cat house strong. Our gaol is to create catios that can last the lifespan of a cat. 

Professional Staff

Cat safety and great customer experience is our main focus. So, by employing a responsive, direct, and respectable team, we are able to complete the job quickly while maintaining positive customer satisfaction. Our catio builders have an average of 15 years of carpentry experience. No matter the complexity of your outdoor cat house, we will get it done right. 

outdoor cat enclosure
Photo of large outdoor cat enclosure

Location: Colorado

Size: 120 SqFt


Select from our pre-designed catios or let us design a custom cat enclosure to fit your needs. We work with you and your cats to create the best cat patio for you! 

catio builder for outdoor cat enclosure

Experienced Builders

Work with well-trained builders! We carry well-experienced contractors and designers that will build you and your cats a dream enclosure. 

outdoor cat enclosure attatched to house

Built to Last

Invest in a catio that is durable, strong and able to last for years to come! We build with strong materials that enable a durability, in any type of weather or condition!

Giving Back

Cat Topia is partnered with multiple companies across the country including animal shelters. For every outdoor cat house build, we donate a percent of revenue to animal/cat shelters. To see where our partners are located visit our partnership page. For more details of how we give, locate the proper state pages from our state directory page. 


Frequently asked question by our customers.

I want a custom outdoor cat enclosure, how much will it cost?

Our custom catio services ranges in price. We offer a free site visit or zoom call for any catio inquiries out of Colorado, during which we will give you a free catio quote. Our cost is based on square footage and our price ranges from $55-$100 per square feet depending on the catio project. The cost can also increase depending on materials, size and complexity of project

I like a specific catio style, but it won't fit my space, what do I do?

If you find the catio style that you like but the dimensions won’t fit your space, Cat Topia can mend the style to your preference. For example, if you like our Boulder style catio, but the predesigned length (12ft) is too long for your space, we will make design alterations to fit the area.

Do you provide services outside of Colorado?

Yes! Here is a list of the states we work in:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Visit our State Directory page for more information. 

How long can I expect to get my catio built after the deposit is paid?

For customers within Colorado, we can complete a custom catio within 1-1.5 weeks after the first deposit is made. 

For customers out of state, our catio completion time is about 4-6 weeks.

Are these cat enclosures weather sealed?

Yes, we use outdoor graded materials that range from pressure treated lumber to cedar. All of our catios are built to withstand all types of weather. Rain, snow shine…

I'm afraid of animals getting into the catio, what type of cat fencing do you use?

All of our cat fencing is strong enough to hold out any threat. We use a range of fencing depending on the customers preference. Our fencing ranges from galvanized steel wire to a very strong cat netting. 

I have a small cat, will they escape through the cat fence?

Our largest fencing size is 3inches by 2inches. A small cat wont fit through our fencing however, if you have kittens you may want to go with our other smaller mesh options or wait until they grow older to get a catio. 

Contact Us

Seriously thinking about getting an outdoor cat enclosure? If so, contact Cat Topia by filling out the inquiry forum.

Send us a brief description of the catio you are looking to get! If you have dimensions please describe them here.
PLEASE READ! If you live outside of Colorado, your budget must be no less than $4,000 for us to consider your catio project.
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About Us

custom outdoor cat house

Cat Topia is based out of Denver, Colorado and works to end cat homelessness by providing pet health through outdoor cat enclosures. Today, Cat Topia builds outdoor cat enclosures across the country.

Catios are home additions; enclosures built to protect and improve a cats health and longevity.  Cat Topia supports cat adoption and has the goal to end cat homlessness due to the outdoors. Therefore, Cat Topia gives back to the local communities by donating a percent of their revenue to animal shelters through every outdoor cat enclosure build.