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There are many reasons why Cat Topia provides catio builders in Idaho. However two main reasons are, feral cats and predator risks. 

While potatoes reign supreme in Idaho, so do feral cats. Idaho news recently stated in an article, “the Western Governors Association released the top 50 invasive species in our region and one addition to the list may surprise you….Feral cats.”

Keep your cats safe from predators with catios! Below is a list of common predators in Idaho that can risk a cats life. 

It’s critical to keep cats from becoming feral in order to keep the cats safe as well as the wildlife. Catios are an important role in the health of a cat. Cats are eager to explore so if they are always indoors, they will want to venture outside more. Also, cats pose a risk on themselves as well as nature when exposed to the outdoors. Therefore, catios is the best solution for safe outdoor freedom. Work with the best catio builders in Idaho.

With Cat Topia you will get:

  • Catio design
  • Professional catio builders
  • High quality cat enclosures
  • Well protected cat house


Cat Topia charges per square foot. Our square foot price in Idaho ranges from $155-$285 per square foot.

For more catio information, review our catios for sale page or our custom cat enclosure page. 

Idaho Predator List

cats protected in catio
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