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Outdoor Cat Litter Box | Catio Upgrades

If you’re a proud cat parent, you understand the importance of providing a comfortable and safe environment for your furry friend. With a catio, you can give your cat the freedom to bask in the sunshine and breathe in fresh air while still keeping them contained and protected. And, with the right outdoor cat litter box, you can keep your catio clean and your home odor-free.

The Durable and Weather Resistant Outdoor Cat Litter Box

At Cat Topia, we offer a wide range of waterproof outdoor cat litter boxes that are designed to meet the unique needs of cats and cat parents. Whether you are getting a large or small catio, we have the perfect solution for you. Our outdoor cat litter boxes are made from durable and weather-resistant materials to ensure they last for years to come, no matter what the weather brings. They’re also easy to clean, so you can spend less time maintaining your catio and more time enjoying it with your cat.

cedar outdoor cat shelfs and outdoor cat litter box built in las vegas nevada
litter box in catio
cat in litter box
waterproof outdoor cat litter box

The Perfect Solution for Clean and Odor-Free Homes

This innovative litter box features a spacious interior and high or enclosed sides to contain litter and messes, making it the perfect solution for cats who like to dig and scatter litter. Our waterproof outdoor litter box areas also have a removable side, so you can easily access the litter box for cleaning and maintenance. Our design also keeps rain, wind, and other outdoor elements from entering the litter box, ensuring your cat stays dry and comfortable.

  • Features a litter pan for easy cleaning and maintenance, and its low profile design makes it the perfect choice for cats who prefer a low entrance.
  • Compact and deep base help contain litter and messes
  • Built so cat stays dry and comfortable no matter what the weather brings
redwood outdoor cat litter box

Providing Your Cat with a Safe and Comfortable Environment in Your Catio

No matter which weather proof cat litter box you choose, you can rest assured that you’re providing your cat with a safe and comfortable environment. Our outdoor cat litter boxes are designed with both your cat and your needs in mind, so you can spend less time worrying about litter in your home and more time enjoying your catio with your furry friend. 

So, if you’re ready to create the perfect outdoor space for your cat, contact us today and explore our wide range of outdoor cat litter boxes that come with our catios. Whether you are letting us build you a large or small catio, we have the perfect solution for you!