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Texas' Top Catio Service

We Build Catios in Texas for Cat Health

Cat Topia increases cat health by building outdoor cat enclosures, called catios. Texas has hot summers, actually it's hot all year round. Texas has a vast landscape where wild animals like to hunt and it's dangerous for house cats to explore. House cats exposed to the outdoors in Texas can limit their lifespan. By working with Cat Topia, you reduce cat homelessness and improve your cats health.

western red cedar stained catio

Catio Pricing in Texas

  • $120-$200 per square foot depending on ad-ons and size.
  • Minimal Catio Price for Our Texas Services: $6,000
  • Cat Topia has a wide range of catio add ons. If you decide to upgrade your catio, additional costs will be included. 

Catio Upgrades

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Cat Topia in Texas


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Cat Topia has experienced and professional catio builders across Texas. 

Cat Topia builds the highest quality cat enclosures to ensure cat safety and customer satisfaction.

Our catios are the best solution for cat safety when exposed to the outdoors. 


  • It’s critical to keep cats from becoming feral in order to keep the cats safe as well as the wildlife.
  • Catios are an important role in the health of a cat. 
  • Cats are eager to explore so if they are always indoors, they will want to venture outside more. However, cats pose a risk on themselves as well as nature when exposed to the outdoors.

Texas is a place we are proud to employe catio builders because we are able to give cats a life they deserve. With Cat Topia you will get:

  • Free Catio Quotes
  • Cat House Design/Blueprints 
  • Experienced Catio Builders for install/construction
  • A long lasting beautiful cat enclosure, able to withstand prey and weather
  • Multiple cat perches

Recent Texas Catio Builds

Protecting House Cats with Catios

List of wild animals in Texas that threaten cats 


Texas is the perfect environment for coyotes. They have an appetite for anything, consuming vegetation and animals such as house cats. National Park Service says “cats make up 20% of urban coyotes‘ diets.”

Helpful sources that explain more about Coyotes in Texas: 


Texas has 17 species of owls. Cats and owls share the same sleeping habits and both spend their active hours at night. While owls usually prey on animals smaller than 10 pounds, they have been known to attack cats. In fact, kittens pose a higher risk to owl attacks. Like cats, owls stalk their prey. This makes it dangerous for house cats that are exposed to the outdoors because they won’t sense an owls presence until the point of attack. 

“If these feathery creatures see a small animal, such as a cat or a puppy, they will indeed attack.” 

Helpful sources that explain more about Owls in Texas: 

  1. Fox
  2. Racoon
  3. Rattlesnake
  4. Bobcat
  5. Eagle
  6. Hawks
  7. Domesticated Dogs

Catios Give Guaranteed Protection From Texas Wildlife

Texas Partners

humane society of central texas logo

The Humane Society of Central Texas is dedicated to animal care by offering lifesaving programs that include, adoption, foster care, animal rescue, volunteer programs and ways to donate. Humane Society of Central Texas leads by example. HSCT’s motivation to give pets a long healthy life is reflected by their community involvement, the goals they have obtained like attaining “No Kill Status”, and the partnerships they develop in order to improve pet health. 

We are a proud partner of Humane Society of Central Texas and for every catio we build in Texas, we donate 1% of the revenue to them. We encourage our customers to give back to Humane Societies since every dollar goes to the goals of solving pet homelessness and improving pet health. To donate to Humane Society of Central Texas click link below.

texas humane heroes logo

Texas Humane Heroes is located in Leander, TX outside of Austin. Their mission of saving cats and dogs from being euthanized, decreasing pet homelessness and providing educational programs for the community is something we back 100%. Texas Humane Heroes is not only a No Kill organization, but they are funded solely through donations, grants and small service fees. 

We are proud to partner with Texas Humane Heroes and for every catio build done within the greater Austin area, we donate 1 percent of our cat house revenue to them. We not only encourage outdoor cat enclosures for the health of your cat(s), but we also encourage you to support animal rescues. To donate to Texas Humane Heroes, click below! 



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