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Outdoor Heated Cat House

Let us build your outdoor heated cat house!

At Cat Topia, we believe it’s important that your cat(s) are loving their enclosure through out all seasons. With an outdoor heated cat house your cat will be able to enjoy the perks of a cat enclosure even in the coldest of months. 

What makes a cat house heated? 

There are a two types of heated cat houses that we offer: 

  1. Half Heated 
  2. Fully Heated
outdoor heated cat house

Half Heated


  • Insulated cat cubbies inside the enclosure where cats can escape too if cold. These cat cubbies have a carpet floor so that a cats heat can’t escape into the ground, and the walls are lined with reflective foil to reflect a cats body temperature back at them. 
  • Partially Covered Roof
  • Raised Deck
boulder catio with custom deck

Fully Heated

This heated catio prevents the worst cold air from entering. If you live in area that sees freezing winters, this is the catio for your cats! The fully heated cat house will keep your cats cozy and warm all winter long! 

We include important additions that help the enclosure retain its heat. These additions include: 

  • Enclosed roof 
  • Built with raised deck to stay above cold ground
  • Large insulated cat cubbies so that your cat(s) can stay warm and cozy
inside outdoor heated cat house
Half Heated Outdoor Heated Cat House

Get Started!

We make sure our heated cat houses will draw your cats attention throughout all the seasons, especially winter! To get started, fill out a catio inquiry on our ContactUs page.