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New Orleans Advocate recently published an article stating the impact outdoor cats have on the environment. For example, since cats kill so many birds, insects are on a rise in the state. ” Outdoor cats also cary a dangerous parasite that has been linked to schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, memory loss and learning problems” states 

First, it’s critical to keep cats from becoming feral in order to keep the cats safe as well as the wildlife. Catios are an important role in the health of a cat as well as wildlife. Cats are eager to explore so if they are always indoors, they will want to venture outside more. However, outdoor cats pose a risk on themselves as well as wildlife, especially bird populations. Keeping cats only indoors has its drawbacks such as cat stress, obesity and separation anxiety. Therefore, catios are the best solution for a cats health.

Work with Louisiana’s leading catio service, Cat Topia.  With us you will get:

  • Catio design
  • Professional catio builders
  • High quality cat enclosures
  • Well protected cat house
  • Free RING camer

For information about prices, review our catios for sale page or our custom cat enclosure page. 

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