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Cat in Catio | Cats First Walkthrough Experience in His Catio

Catio Tale: A few years ago, Bubbie was a roaming cat, running around the neighborhood without an official home. At the time, Bubbie was living inside an abandoned car in Denver, Colorado. The winters in CO are notorious for cold weather. Not to mention hot summers, where temperatures can reach 100 degrees. Our customer noticed this kitties living conditions and couldn’t help but to rescue Bubbie from dangerous streets. At first, Bubbie was afraid of his new surroundings, including people and sought outdoor exposure. This made our customer go forth with getting Bubbie a catio by us. She stated, “we wanted to give him a safe place for the outdoors, so that raccoons don’t get him, skunks don’t get him. He can get used to transitioning …living in a car versus being in this catio is going to be huge for him…” It wasn’t long until Bubbie got accustomed to the catio lifestyle, needless to say he fell in love with his new life and his owners. This is Bubbie’s second catio we have built for him. Our initial catio was on the other side of their property, built in 2019. Two years later, our customer called us and asked us to build a new catio for Bubbie on a different side of their house. This time we built a catio that connects a tunnel system to another small outdoor cat house. The customers cut out a cat insert that leads inside their home.

Cat Topia Catio Build in Barrington, Illinois

Cat Topia travels to Barrington, Illinois to build two custom catios for nine lucky cats! These two catios are connected with an enclosed 30+ foot cat. tunnel system. Each catio is double fenced for extra strength and protection! We added multiple perks to these outdoor cat enclosures such as paint that matches the customers home, a custom natural outdoor cat tree system, enclosed roofs and countless cat shelves!

Catio Walkthrough | Two Large Catios as Well as Catio Tunnel | Cat Topia Catios

Cat Topia travels to Brooksville, Florida to build two large custom catios. Catio 1 measures 7 feet wide by 29 feet deep and catio 2 measures 7 feet wide by 32 feet deep. Both catios have a gable roof making the heights of each enclosure roughly 12 feet high.

The Purrgola Catio Build by Cat Topia

Cat Topia builds another awesome cat enclosure or catio build in Fort Collins, Colorado for a few lucky cats! Cat Topia builds outdoor cat enclosures for homeowners across the United States. They are based in Colorado and build catios to reduce cat homelessness and improve cat health! Get a custom catio build by Cat Topia!

The Cottage Catio Walkthrough

Cat Topia makes two catios for one customer and a few very lucky cats. The window catio is a mended version of our Shrine Mountain Inn catio and The second catio is known as our Cottage catio. However, we mended the Cottage catios door to sit on the side of it instead of the front.

The Cottage Catio Walkthrough

Cat Topia heads to Layette Colorado to build another custom catio! This catio in particular is for two Maine Coon cats. It stands at 14 feet wide by 16 feet deep.

Catio Build in Colorado

Cat Topia based in Colorado works on another awesome cat enclosure or catio build in Boulder, Colorado for a few tabby cats! Cat Topia builds outdoor cat enclosures for homeowners and cat health! Talk to your veterinary clinic about the benefits of catios!