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the boulder catio interior shot with deck by cat topia

5 Reasons to Choose Redwood Lumber for a Catio

Redwood Lumber: The Best Catio Choice

When it comes to the look and feel of wood for a Catio, not many other lumbers top Redwood. Redwood, or sequoia sempervirensis a lumber harvested from California and the Pacific Northwestern Coast.  This lumber is warm, rich, and the grain is smooth and comely.   

When it comes to building a Catio, Redwood is an excellent choice because it is not only resistant to rot, fungi and insects, but Redwood boasts other qualities that are unlike any other lumber choice.

1: It's Sustainable

Contrary to popular belief, redwood lumber has become one of the most sustainable lumbers commercially available. You may be wondering if you’re doing harm on the old-growth Redwood forests if you choose this lumber. Chances are when purchasing lumber, it comes from young growth redwood trees (second-growth forests).  

During the California Gold Rush, Redwood was used for construction and woodworking projects. The trees have a natural durability that have made them highly sought after since the 1800’s. In the 1850’s, the first documented records show the effort to save Redwood groves. In 1968President Lyndon B. Johnson signed an act to establish the Redwood National Park which protects the sequoias within the acres of the park.  

Because of the fight to protect Redwoods, California now possesses over 1.7 million acres of Coastal Redwood today, and only a percentage of redwood forests are allowed to be harvested for lumber use. Within the acres that are owned by timber companies, four of every five acres of commercial are now independently certified as well managed and harvested on a sustainable basis.  

California forestry regulations set high standards for the forests that produce redwood, and 90 percent of these forests are certified under forestry programs such as The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).  

Redwood lumber is declared by the American Wood Council as a sustainable choice of wood today. You can access the EPD on Redwood Lumber here 

redwood catio outdoor cat enclosure
Redwood Custom Catio | Cat Topia

Interior Photos of Redwood Catio

2. It is fire safe

When constructing anything close to a house, it is important to consider the fire-resistance of the lumber in which you are building with. Redwood lumber is one of the naturally most fire-resistant lumbers on the market.  

The University of California conducted a research study on redwood decking and concluded that it meets the two standards for decking material in California. As a lumber, it is less likely to ignite if near a flame such as other lumbers which are more flammable like Cedar.  

We would always recommend checking your local fire codes before building with any material.   

3. It is rot and insect resistant!

Because of naturally occurring preservatives in the heartwood, insects and fungi find Redwood lumber to be undesirable.  As the owner of a redwood Catio, you will be pleased as Redwood naturally resists to rot—no extra treatment required. The cats are sure to be protected from all kinds of critters that normally enjoy eating wood such as termites, and pests.  

 Redwoods, as seen in old-growth forests, manage to become so colossal because of their strong heartwood. The reddish-brown heartwood, or the inner wood of the tree, is known to render these giants resistant to decay for many years to come in their natural habitats. 

Lumber used for residential settings is now sourced from “young-growth” redwood trees by lumber companies and is a mix of heartwood and sapwood. Despite this, the young growth trees are still classified as “moderately resistant” compared to other lumbers such as pines, spruces, and maples.  


4. It is naturally insulated!

Thermal insulation is the reduction of heat transferRedwood is superior in insulation values compared to other lumbers. In the cells of the redwood, there are thousands of air-filled cavities which create the process of thermal insulation. For the kitties enjoying their Redwood Catio, they are sure to be cozy at a temperature that never dips too low or reaches too high!   

5. It's low maintenance

It does not take a lot of time to maintain a Redwood Catio. Of course, staining and painting are both options which would require upkeep, but most people like to keep Redwood natural because of its rich and beautiful reddish color. If you choose to keep the Redwood natural, it will change color slightly depending on your climate.  

Final Thoughts

The Redwood lumber Catio is an elegant choice with its beautiful color, and details in the wood grain. It ages well and requires little work to keep it looking its finest. If you’re looking for a unique addition to your house, while also valuing sustainability in your choice of the building materialswe would recommend Redwood lumber for a Catio. Redwood Catios are truly an unrivaled choice for an outdoor cat enclosure because they not only provide a comfortable, and safe place for the cats, but also, they are truly an embellishment to your backyard and home.