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Cat Topia enhances feline well-being by constructing outdoor cat enclosures, known as catios. Utah experiences a diverse climate with hot summers and cold winters, which can pose risks to outdoor cats. Additionally, Utah’s vast wilderness is home to predators like coyotes, mountain lions, and hawks, making it dangerous for domestic cats to roam freely. Exposure to the harsh Utah environment can significantly reduce a house cat’s lifespan. Cat Topia safeguards your cat’s health in Utah’s challenging conditions.

The image shows an outdoor cat enclosure, or catio, made of wooden beams and panels with a clear mesh to keep the cats safe inside while allowing them to experience the outdoors. The structure features a sturdy, slanted roof for protection against the elements. Inside, there are multiple levels and platforms for cats to climb and explore. The catio is attached to the side of a house and extends over a concrete patio, blending seamlessly with the home’s exterior. The surrounding area includes a wooden fence and some greenery.


Protection and Safety

Let us protect your cat from Predators, traffic accidents, extreme weather, diseases, getting lost, and injuries while letting them enjoy the fresh air. 

Health and Well-being

Catios promote exercise and mental stimulation, contributing to their overall phiysical health and longevity. 

Peace of Mind

A happy and safe cat provides you with the peace of mind knowing your cat is living their best life!

Catio Pricing in Utah

  • $130-$300 per square foot depending on ad-ons and size.
  • Minimal Catio Price for Our Services: $6,000
  • Cat Topia has a wide range of catio add ons. If you decide to upgrade your catio, additional costs will be included. 

Catio Upgrades

  • Add additional cat shelfs
  • Lumber upgrades offered
    • Cedar
    • Redwood
  • Painting/Sealing
    • Choose a paint or stain color
  • Roofing Upgrades
    • metal roofing
    • shingle roofing
    • open roofing

Want to see more information about our outdoor cat enclosure services? Browse through our services page.

Click here for more catio upgrades we offer!

We service these cities:

Cat Topia serivice radius is 50-100 miles around each city

  • Salt Lake City
  • West Valley City
  • West Jordan
  • Provo
  • Orem
  • St. George
  • Sandy
  • Ogden
  • Layton
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    Cat Topia In Utah


    Choose Us

    Cat Topia has experienced and professional catio builders across Utah. 

    Cat Topia builds the highest quality cat enclosures to ensure cat safety and customer satisfaction.

    Our catios are the best solution for cat safety when exposed to the outdoors. 


    • It’s critical to keep cats from becoming feral in order to keep the cats safe as well as the wildlife.
    • Catios are an important role in the health of a cat. 
    • Cats are eager to explore so if they are always indoors, they will want to venture outside more. However, cats pose a risk on themselves as well as nature when exposed to the outdoors.

    Utah is a place we are proud to employe catio builders because we are able to give cats a life they deserve. With Cat Topia you will get:

    • Free Catio Quotes
    • Cat House Design/Blueprints 
    • Experienced Catio Builders for install/construction
    • A long lasting beautiful cat enclosure, able to withstand prey and weather
    • Multiple cat perches

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