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Top 5 Signs You Need A Cat Window Box

Find the top 5 signs you need a cat window box. Let’s began!!

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By Lance Harding

What is a Cat Window Box?

First what is a cat window box? You might be familiar with the term catio, and if you’re not it’s a word that is becoming popular among the cat community. Think of patio…put cat in front patio, now combine the two words and you get catio. These “cat patios” are cat sanctuaries and new companies through-out the United States are beginning to make their appearances.

“When cats scratch objects, they also leave small gouges, which are visual signals to other cats that there is a cat in the area.” (Wailani MS –

1: Does Your Cat Have Behavioral Issues?

Cat Scratching

Cats know how to be sneaky, and when it comes to scratching, cats love to sneak against your furniture and began the process of claw to fabric destruction! We all know how annoying it can be when your cat combines their habits with bad manners and ignores your commands. No, they aren’t scratching to gain your attention, in fact they are filled with energy resulting in boredom and they are fulfilling their instinctive needs to mark territory. Dr. Wailani MS explains it best in his article, Why Does My Cat… Scratch Furniture? Cats have a strong desire to not only be outdoors but also having their own private place. As stated by AAFP (American Association of Feline Partners), multiple risks can occur to indoor only cats such as “increased incidence of behavior problems or the inability to express normal cat behaviors like scratching.” A catio window box redirects a cats behavior and gives your cat(s) privacy while exposing them to the outdoors. This will result in a reduction in your cats stress level, therefore limiting scratching. Don’t just take my word for it, Healthy Pets with Dr. Karen Becker writes a fantastic article describing the benefits of catios and cats. If you are interested in reading this article go to her site and locate the “Pet Health” tab. In the dropdown menu you will see article archive. From there select the date April 27th 2017 and you will find an article published:Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Patio, or Catio.

white cat in window catio
catio window box
wooden cat window box


You had a long day at work and you’re about to fall asleep. It’s 2 AM and you hear strange sounds going up and down your hallway. Suddenly, they don’t seem strange because you know it’s your cat meowing non-stop in the middle of the night. Cat vocalization is prominent since they are naturally nocturnal animals. However, a simple cat window cage is a quick cure for a extreme cat vocalization, especially at night since it provides them an extra space to explore, meow, and be amused by other sounds.

Urine Marking

Whether your cat has urine issues due to a health disorder or are prone to stress and anxiety, cats with urinary problems tend to excrete in places other than their litter box. However you can direct your cat to urinate in a litter box in their outdoor cat condos instead of risking them to soil in your home. Just follow a simple odor elimination process and your cat can relieve themselves in the proper area.  

2: Do you Seek to Improve Cat Enrichment, Cat Health and the Environment

Enriching Indoor Cats Health

Has your cat aimlessly stared out the window for hours on end, watching birds chirp, wind blow and listen for outdoor sounds? Does it look like your cat desperately craves the taste of the outdoors? They don’t just sit by the window because they want to be out of our way, they sit by window because they belong to the outdoors. It’s where they preform best! However, what cats don’t see are the risks. For example, an article by Pet Coach, The Dangers of Outdoor Living by Pet Coach, say “predators such as coyotes and raccoons are hazards that many pet parents forget about in the city, but predators are not just found in the country. In many areas, wild animals are not only potential predators, but also possible carriers of disease.” 

So what do we do to enrich our kitties from things like predators and disease? You need a coyote proof cat enclosure, and a window catio does just that. They elevate off the ground, give your cat a “birds-eye” view of their surroundings, and has strong cat netting to ensure a connection to the outdoors. Cat netting comes in various types but still exposes your cat to outdoor benefits such as sounds, outdoor breezes, bugs and smells! 

Cats Love Heights

Have you seen your cat find his or her way on the highest shelf in your house? Cats love to climb and they aren’t afraid of heights. An outdoor cat cage that hangs off your window and lays feet off the ground will attract your cats attention immediately. They will choose the outdoor cat enclosure every time over a simple indoor window balcony or kitchen shelf. It’s the perfect recipe for them!

two catios with cat tunnel

Enrich Outdoor Cats Health

Have you ever experienced a sudden decrease in your cats health due to the outdoors? Below is a list of the outdoor risks cats can come across that can decrease their health:

  • Wild Animals
  • Other Cats
  • Posions 
  • Injuries
  • Parasites
  • Cars
  • Trees

Here is a list of articles stating the outdoor risks for cats:

Enriching the Enviorment

Have you ever wondered where your outdoor cat goes during the day while you are at home? National Geographic recently published an article about the daily routine of an outdoor cat using a “cat tracker.” This project is still being used by scientist to track domesticated cats in order to analyze the impact they are having on the environment. Video: Kitty Cam Reveals Hunting Secrets 

A window box for cats is a plus for the environment since it gives an outdoor cat security that inhibits environmental growth like increased bird populations.

A window catio will protect your cat from these dangers and thus will increase their lifespan significantly.

3: Are You Looking for Affordability?

How much does an average window catio cost? American Bird Conservancy supports catios and they state an average small catio kit costs between $600-$2,000 Choosing the right catio can be a process and many questions can arise, especially when it comes to price. At Cat Topia we work to make the process simple. We offer affordable options and our window cat enclosures start from $1,200 and we offer customizable options.

Yes, an affordable catio may reduce its size but they still enhance a cats life. Not only that but they are more simple to attach as well as more mobile. 

4: Are You Living in Limited Space?

Do you have cats but your property doesn’t carry the size capacity to hold large cat enclosures? Window catios would be a better option for you. Limited housing space might include:

Condos and Apartments

If you live in a condo or an apartment it’s preictally impossible to place a catio larger than a window size. Reason why, because large cat enclosures usually sit on the ground, they are connected to the house and on average extend out by about 5-10 feet. Condos and apartments don’t have this kind of space since most don’t have backyards to begin with.

Homes with little to no backyards

Some homes have small backyards, and some have no backyards. In order for a catio larger than a window unit to correctly sit on a home, backyard space is essential! So, homes with little to no backyards would benefit greater with a catio window box.

Homes with heavy vegetation and obstacles surrounding house

Sometimes homes may be surrounded by trees, bushes, a fence, or even an air conditioning units. While you have a large backyard, you can’t seem to find a spot to place a large outdoor cat enclosure, since they are designed to rest against a window of your house.

Window catios are a simple fix to these known issues and will still provide a cat with the space they need to enrich their life.

5: Mobility and Simplicity


Not Permanent: Let’s say you live in an apartment, condo or home but you plan to move. Window cat boxes are a great option because they aren’t permanent. Simply detach it from your house and either bring it with you or sell it!

Change its Location: Another perk is that you can alter window catios onto different windows! So, if you want a change of scenery you can detach and move it to another window on your house.


Lightweight and easy to handle: Window units are light weight and easy to handle! In fact, Cat Topia has a window cat box that is 75 pounds and can support multiple cats .

Unobtrusive: Maybe you need a catio but don’t want a cat enclosure that is too prevalent in your backyard. A window catio is unobtrusive and can be painted to match your home, making it discreet to anyone who may be present around your property.


When the time comes, you’ll find yourself wondering what catio you need. You’ll ask yourself, what are the signs I need for a catio? After reading this post, you’ll be more assured about the catio you need and if your signs match the 5 signs for a cat window box, then you know what to do next!


Regardless take Sue Trowbridges advice, who is a recent catio customer at Cat Topia: “…This is like an oasis for them, they love it. If you have a cat and want them to experience the outdoors, this is the only way to go. You need a catio…”

Invitation and Feedback Request

If you want to buy window catio, we invite you to click here! Cat Topia is constantly growing and we are continuing to add more nationwide catios to our e-commerce page!

I would love your feedback! Please, feel free to comment. I would love to hear your thoughts! Sharing or linking this article would mean the world. I hope this post suits you and thank you for reading. Happy Caturday! 

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