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What is a Catio?

cat enclosure by cat topia

A catio is an outdoor enclosure made for cats to be outside in a safe space. The term catio came from combining cat with patio, and its just more fun to say than cat patio! These areas are built specifically for house cats to have an area outdoors where they can lay in the sun, chase bugs, get fresh air and exercise. Cat enclosures provide countless benefits for house cats, as well as protect wildlife.  Catios come in all shapes and sizes based on the needs of the cats and homeowner. They usually sit up against the house and are accessed through a window or door.

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Why Get a Catio?

Cats are curious by nature, and even though they love you dearly, their instinct is to be outside hunting, stalking, and roaming. Cats benefit from being in an outdoor environment, exercising regularly, and stimulating their natural instincts. However, the risks of the outdoors are greater than the benefits. According to the APSCA, a study shows 1 of 5 cat owners will experience cat loss while having outdoor cats. The findings conclude that 26% of those cats never return home. A catio is the perfect compromise to lets cats be outdoors without putting them in danger.

maine coon cat in cat house

Types of Cat Patios

Free Standing
Against House
free standing catio
outdoor cat enclosure attatched to house
two catios with cat tunnel

The days of having a kennel in your backyard are over, catios can be beautifully designed to match home aesthetic and look like they belong on the house. Catios can be free standing, or sit up against the house, there are window catios, and tunnels. Another great option is turning an existing structure into a cat enclosure such as a gazebo, pergola, or covered porch. This can make the construction more affordable as the main structure is already built and only the walls with cat fencing need to be installed. The ability to customize a catio allows the homeowner to be proud of their cat enclosure. A catio is not a cage for a pet but a home addition for a family member.

How To Pick the Right Cat Enclosure

Every cat is different and has their own inclinations and preferences. When choosing a catio style think about what your cat likes to do. Do they prefer sleeping or playing, hiding, or interacting? For a cat that likes to be up high, a tall catio with lots of shelves would be a great option, add a driftwood tree for more fun. For ground dwellers maybe a series of tunnels leading to different areas would be preferred. Catios can have closed or open roofs depending on whether they want to bask in the sun or have year-round access for temperate climates. The options are endless and if you ever need help deciding on a catio we are here to help!


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