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Top 5 Catio Builds of 2023

1: Chesterfield, New Jersey

Chesterfield New Jersey is home to Cat Topias largest build so far. This catio boasts over seven hundred square feet of pure bliss for our friend and his five cats. We included just about every upgrade you could think of to make this catio as awesome as possible. 

The catio is nestled off to the side of a country road, with an abundance of trees, and even a pond that sits about 20 feet under an elevated cat house. The catio starts from an elevated area on the customer’s home about 10 feet off of the ground, tunnel one extends about 30 feet off of this section, over to the first catio which is a ten foot by ten foot catio that features a custom cat tree, critter fencing, eleven shelves for the cats to rest on, protective skirting to keep critters from running under the catio, cat cubbies, a classic rib steel roof, and cat hammocks. We also added trim on the inside of the fencing for added aesthetic and to prevent the cats from getting scratched from loose fencing, and last but not least, we painted and caulked the structure to keep moisture out of the wood.

The second tunnel runs from the ten by ten over to a thirty by eight foot catio with a turf floor. This catio features a custom couch for the homeowner to hang out on with friends or enjoy a drink, hammocks hang from the ceiling for the cats to lounge in, shelves, ramps, and cat cubbies line the walls for the cats to exercise on.

The thirty by eight foot catio has tunnel extensions off of the thirty by eight section. The first extension (tunnel three) in Picture A is an extension out into the woods above a pond. Tunnel four is a small stretch back to the home where we enclosed a porch for the cats to run back inside. The entire structure was stained brown and the fencing was all trimmed out with one by two boards.

2: Sarasota, Florida

When I look back on our build in Sarasota, I feel a lot of emotions. Satchel’s Last Resort is a pet sanctuary that takes care of around nine hundred cats every year. The catio we built was specifically for the barn cat program. The United States alone is estimated to have somewhere between fifty and seventy million feral cats. The mortality rate is extremely high, with seventy five percent of them dying within the first few weeks of life. 

Oftentimes, cat sanctuaries will have an overwhelming amount of cats and when they can’t keep up, cats get euthanized. We built a six hundred square foot enclosure for them which features four separate sections for different cats that can get along and cohabitate with each other. The catio features a bunch of cat cubbies, as well as some fun ramps and stairs with scratching posts to keep the kitties stimulated and entertained.

humane society catio

Builds of 2023 Across the United States

3: Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado is home to an incredible residential catio that we had the pleasure of building for our friend who is also in the animal business as a bat biologist. He was a very fascinating guy and we had a great time building him a catio out of redwood lumber. The catio also featured 8 shelves, 7 ramps, a roof that was half clear polycarbonate/half fencing, black coated critterfencing, a custom litter box, two garden boxes, a custom cat tree, a scratching post, cat cubbies, and a cat hammock.

4: Olympia, Washington

cedar l-shaped catio

Olympia Washington is where you can find one of our most unique builds. This catio wraps around our clients home and provides access for the cats from multiple windows. The catio is made out of cedar lumber with a clear stain that makes the wood pop out and really catch your eye. This build also features a slate classic rib steel roof which is very weather resistant and has a very clean look. We built stairs for our friends cat who was a little slower than average and could use the assistance getting around the catio.

5: Rural Hall, North Carolina

catio build in rural hall north carolina

North Carolina seemed to be a popular state for catios this year. Rural Hall is where we were able to build a beautiful catio oasis for two of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. This location that we were able to build the catio on could not have been more perfect. The windows were elevated off of the ground with plenty of room under for us to build a deck and make sure the structure was sound and level. The catio was painted white to match the home. Other features on the catio include cat hammocks, protective skirting, our classic rib steel roof, a scratching post, carpeted shelves, and scratch proof double screening.

2024 | What's to Come!

We’re extremely excited to keep building catios in 2024 to continue our mission of helping cat owners. We can’t wait to see our top 5 builds of 2024 as the world changes and our capabilities expand. Be sure to check out our state directory to see our builds in your state and the rest of the U.S.