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Modern Suite DIY Catio Plan


catio Plans Now Available

Follow along an easy step by step building guide with our Modern Suite DIY catio plans! Whether you hire a carpenter or build the catio yourself, we provide straight forward instructions to make your catio building experience simple!  

Dimensions: 6′ wide x 8′ 6″ high x  4′ 4″ deep

Built it. Save Money.

The Modern Suite DIY catio plan offers affordability. STOP GUESSING how to construct an outdoor cat enclosure and let our plans do it for you! 

No need for hiring a carpenter, our DIY cat enclosure plans will instruct what materials you need to get while providing an accurate cut list.  

Our Catio plans our designed for longevity, to enhance your home with style, and cat health!  

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The Modern Suite Catio

Whats Included

Step By Step Instructions

Follow along 45 pages of step by step instructions. Each section has easy to follow diagrams, illustrations and a detailed guide for constructing the catio.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Weather graded lumber is included in the build so that your catio has the ability to withstand all types of weather.

Material and Cut List

Each section refers to a detailed material and cut list to improve building times and accuracy.

Closed Roof

The Modern Suite Catio is designed as a closed roof system, with your option of choosing between shingles or a metal roof. Keep out rain, snow and shade your cats all year round.

Human Door

Enter and exit the catio through a door fitted for human use. Now you can hang out with your cats inside or outside!

Vertical Gardens

Plant cat-nip in the garden boxes, grow cat-friendly vines, and place decorative pots alongside the exterior shelves.

Modern Suite Catio

Cat Approved.

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3 sided catio ideal for garden or backyard placement. Provides easy window access for cats and a built in front door for human entry, Enough room for cat trees, cat perches, and litter boxes.    

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