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The Catillac Outdoor Cat Shelter


Catio Size: 120″ wide x 120″ deep x 102″ high with 2 foot cantilever deck surrounding enclosure

Floating Catio Deck Size: 144″ x 144″


  • Black 1″x 1″ Outdoor Graded Critter Fencing
  • Black Pet Screening

Wood Type: Pressure Treated Lumber Deck and Doug Fir Frame

  • Fully painted with your color choice!

Roof: PVC Roofing Panel

Full Shelving System: 6 tear shelving system with cat bridges leading to ground and other levels. All shelves consist of 2×6, 2×8, 2×10 cat perches

The Catillac is all luxury, all safety and all fun. This outdoor cat shelter is built to last you and your cats decades. Not only that but it’s a free standing outdoor cat shelter! Meaning, this catio is built to rest up against your home without being physically attached to it.

Watch this catio get built!

This price includes: All catio materials as well as build and install from our catio team.

**Specific upgrades as well as any custom modifications can be made to this cat enclosure.

This outdoor cat house is available nation wide. Contact us to get this outdoor cat shelter!


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