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Mountain Window Catio

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  • Double Doors with locks
  • Painted
  • Grey Closed Roof
  • Wire Steel Fencing
  • Stained Wood Floor
  • Instruction and Assembly Guides
  • Pre-Assembled Ready to Hang


Full Width: 6′ 2″

Catio Height: 2′

Depth: 3′

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The Mountain Window Catio is not only an addition to your home but also to your cat’s overall happiness and well-being. Cats love the outdoors and experiencing new sights and smells, but it can be dangerous for them to wander outside unsupervised. With a catio for window, your feline friend can now safely enjoy the outdoors without any worry or danger.

This window catio is made with durable materials and secure locks to ensure the safety of your cat. The weather-resistant design will protect your cat from rain, wind, and sun while still providing a comfortable environment for them to explore. The mountain design adds a touch of elegance to your home and makes it a stylish addition to any living space.

The catio can hold up to 3 cats, making it perfect for households with multiple cats. The spacious and secure design will give each cat plenty of room to move around and explore, without the risk of escape. The window catio is also designed to prevent animals like birds or prey from entering, keeping your cat safe and secure at all times. Not only that but this enclosure can be customizable. Just contact us for more details. 

The catio for window is easy to install and requires no special tools or skills. Our team will simply build and attach it to your exterior house window. As a result, this enclosure will provide your feline friend with a new and exciting outdoor experience. Note: Make sure to check the dimensions of your window before purchasing to ensure it fits properly.

In conclusion, the Mountain Window Catio is a must-have for any cat-loving household. It provides a safe, secure, and comfortable outdoor space for your feline friend to enjoy. Invest in this stylish and functional addition to your home today and give your cat the outdoor experience they deserve.

1 review for Mountain Window Catio

  1. Kerry Foreman

    Man, oh man. Everyone with a cat needs one of these. Sky and Lance came out and built the set up pictured here (Mountain Window catio connected via ramp with the Modern Suite catio) and my cats were in heaven. I sit on my patio with a glass of wine and discuss the days events with my girls. My only complaint was that I felt we could take it a bit further, so Lance and Sky came back and extended this catio up to the second floor deck. This catio is nicer than some parts of my house. Bugs and flowers are brought in to be gifted to me as trophies. The ladies can be seen most days just taking the air and surveying their kingdom from the many, many perches available. Seriously, you have GOT to have Sky and Lance come and make you one. Or four.

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