Cats are life. Get a Catio

Start to Finish Cat Enclosure Time-Lapse

This catio or cat enclosure was built in Niwot, Colorado. Catios create a space where your cat can be outside without the risks of the outdoors. Whether you are on vacation, fast asleep or at work our catios are built to let your cat walk freely in and out of your home.

Mountain Catio Build

Cat Topia heads to Eagle, Vail Colorado to build a top selling catio, called The Boulder. This video displays a time-lapse of the cat enclosures building process.  

Penthouse Custom Cat Enclosure Build

Cat Topia builds a cat enclosure for two lucky kitties. The catio is connected by a cat tunnel that leads to a second story window entrance. This is the first time the two kitties get to experience the outdoors and they couldn’t be happier to lounge in their custom outdoor catio.